Are You Leaving?

Track 1

“Are You Leaving” is the overture of this record. In some ways, it summarizes everything we’ve done thus far in our band. This song…Read More


Track 2

PUZO is where our story proper begins. The lyrics on this track serve to introduce the characters. Our last record (No Beauty in Routine…Read More


Track 3

The New Brunswick music scene is where Feeny was born. It’s strange that it took us so long to reference this town but it finally happened…Read More

Better Off

Track 4

A reviewer once categorized my lyrics as self loathing. This song doesn’t do my rebuttal any favors. My goal for most FEENY songs is for…Read More


Track 5

Are You Leaving and IDWK are about the same subject but from opposing viewpoints. Both songs deal with the moments before a breakup but…Read More


Track 6

This song was written and recorded the fastest of all the songs on this record. Unlike “Bookends” which changed significantly over the…Read More


Track 7

Alacrity is about fighting back against feelings of self doubt and recognizing that it’s okay to be different and forge your own path. So…Read More


Track 8

This is the end of the main story: the last two tracks are an epilogue. Fallow is about letting go. What many people don’t realize about the…Read More

Two Weeks Later

Track 9

“Well, what did you expect in an opera, a happy ending?” - Bugs Bunny This is a hard one to play sometimes. We live in a digital age when it…Read More

Fading Away

Track 10

Fading Away is about reckoning with what needs to be done to move forward in life. I love and live for basement shows and the DIY music…Read More